A small patch of light begins to pulse in a room like a newly born kitten. Not seeing a thing, anxiously gasping for air for the first time in its brief period in existence. Adherence to instincts is the only logical and possible subsequent course of action.
Unlike a kitten, a human child learns not to rely on his instincts or to succumb to them. Their clear power can only be enjoyed in moments when we are surprised unprepared; in moments when our trained mind gives in to this strange monster.

Loneliness is an bestial instinct. In terms of form, the exhibition I could be elsewhere is an ensemble of different works, in which the question of loneliness is revealed along with its natural nature in the context of human existence. About landscapes and light and the darkness hiding therein. About its awareness and its place in the cosmic order. About the body as a mediator between the space of thought and the sequence of events here on Earth.

The landscape of my flesh opens up like the universe.
We belong to that which we do not know.





I could be elsewhere, 2016
Installation in space. Video 8’38, mural thermo sensitive and charcoal drawing, light projection, site specific instalations