A long time has passed since he began speaking in the forest. I listened to it day andnight. It was the most silent murmur ever heard. Everything was filled with nothing. I believe it was the king of silence who spoke to me. I imagined his kingdom engulfed in silence. I see it as a place where one cannot hide. Where one cannot live. Perhaps it is a place where one can die. Or perhaps it is a place where one can survive. I am drawn to it. The place where nothing matters and everything is precious at the same time. And everything is white and precious at the same time.

What will happen, happens now. You feel anxious and that is how you should be. No one will see you. You are in the palm of the world. Everything is present. It is now you have to trust.





Installation consist of an irregulary shaped space with sloped floor. Floor plane sloping from the bottom to top as well as from the left side to right. Each side has a different height. Surface: glossy, screen reflecting paint finish. Under the floor vibrations induced by sound. Air slightly cooled down with air conditioning.

We hold our hearts talks about a phenomenon that cannot be explained in words but is nevertheless understood and felt by everyone – the faith that resides in each one of us and which we practise consciously or unconsciously in our everyday lives. Rituals, allowing us to reach the transcendental state which servs as a pass to the next level.



Video installation We hold our hearts, 2014