Kate Krolle

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  1. Actually, the story was incredible, but it impressed everyone because substantially it was true. True was Emma Zunz’s tone, true was her shame, true was her hate. True also was the outrage she had suffered: only the circumstances were false, the time and one or two person names.  /Jorge Luis Borges/

  2. Gourmands, 2013
    Video installation- performance in collaboration with Anete Ušča

    The art form used in installation does not create direct emotional conditions, but offers the viewer the opportunity to experience what’s happening in a way which is possibly only understandable to each person individually. Pointing to the dominating vagueness in the possibilities of interpretation, the instruments of manipulation and power, which are used to create one way of perceiving or thinking are highlighted, instruments which never work at the end.

    The absurd and reality of time, space and imagination.

  3. Video within the installation/ performance