Kate Krolle

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  1. Silence will close behind us, 2015
    site specific video installation with integrated mural drawing 7'26

    Combining traditional drawing and digital technologies, the project focuses on the light that appears, reveals things, and disappears. It's like an illumination of presence in which bodily questions as a human representative are central. The process of the present as a symbol of life and death. The death of the past and the imagination of an uncertain future, characteristic to every human being. It includes fear, it includes joy. But above all it points out that all that remains is to enjoy glimmers of present

  2. Silence will close behind us / documentation, installation view

  3. There is no mirror more pure and clear as the one I go towards. I'm terribly natural, everything is written in my body: faith within my trembling muscles, supernatural strength is born through the belief that a choice is just ... the only proof of all of this is what I hold. I do not have any idea of the time has past. I am here and now, with you. Nothing more violent could be done. Neither for you, nor me. And I can not imagine releasing you. You must understand clearly, I am weary but why surrender? Despite my silence I am part of infinity.
    I do not know how, but you must understand. I speak in your name.
    I cover you like the ocean covers the earth. Your flesh wears the face of a storm to come.
    Let us cross our gaze.
    Silence will close behind us.